Don’t let atheists shut down the argument before it begins!

In Why God Still Matters, apologist Karlo Broussard doesn’t let them off so easy. In this engaging video he takes apart the premises of those who say God’s irrelevant, showing you how you can explain to atheists:

  • That science can say a lot about the created world but not why it’s there in the first place

  • Why thinking that science has all the answers is itself a kind of unscientific blind faith

  • How morality and happiness are possible to some degree without God, but hopelessly limited

  • Many positive reasons to conclude that God not only matters, but that he is real

Meet the Speaker

  • Karlo Broussard


    Karlo Broussard

    Karlo Broussard gave up a promising musical career to devote himself to the work of winning souls for Christ. Karlo is one of the most dynamic and enthusiastic Catholic speakers today, and his talks are able to move listeners from the shaky ground of doubt to the rock-solid foundation of Catholic truth.