Want to talk about abortion without tempers flaring?

No matter how hard you try, talking with your friends and family about abortion too often winds up at one extreme or the other—either tempers and emotions get out of hand or to keep the peace you agree to disagree and move on to another subject. Neither approach serves the pro-life cause, says Trent Horn. Get practical tips like:

  • Using scientific and philosophical facts (when they expect you just to quote the Bible)

  • Employing empathy to break down defenses and defuse hostility

  • Dealing with “hard cases” and other common pro-choice claims

  • Three foolproof approaches that will make even the most hardened pro-choicer listen to what you have to say

  • . . . plus bonus real-world footage of Trent putting his techniques into practice!

Meet the Speaker

  • Trent Horn


    Trent Horn

    After his conversion to the Catholic faith, Trent Horn earned master’s degrees in the fields of theology, philosophy, and bioethics. He serves as a staff apologist for Catholic Answers, where he specializes in teaching Catholics to graciously and persuasively engage those who disagree with them.